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NYX IPB4-832 ANPR Camera

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Introducing the NYX IPB4-832 ANPR Camera

Upgrade your security system with the new and improved 4MP model of the NYX Automatic Number Plate Recognition Camera. This advanced camera is designed to capture clear and accurate images of license plates in both day and night conditions, even with bright headlights and tail lights.

With its powerful technology, the NYX IPB4-832 can search for number plates whether they have been entered into the database or not. This makes it a versatile and efficient tool for monitoring and tracking vehicles in any setting.

But that's not all - this camera can also store number plates in database groups such as staff and customers, allowing you to easily manage and control access to your premises. It can even operate vehicle gates for added convenience and security.

To fully utilize the capabilities of the NYX IPB4-832, it requires a 4 channel NVR or larger. So why wait? Upgrade your security system today with this top-of-the-line ANPR camera.