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NYX IP-X4P+ 4 Channel 4k NVR

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NYX IP-X4P+ 4 Channel 4k NVR

The NYX IP-X4P+ 4 Channel 4k NVR is a high definition CCTV recorder that offers top-of-the-line features and performance. With support for 1 hard drive, it has a total storage capacity of up to 10TB, making it ideal for the heavy demands of 8MP/4K IP cameras. It also has License Plate Recognition capabilities, making it a reliable choice for security purposes.

One of the standout features of this NVR is its unique and easy-to-operate user interface, setting it apart from its competitors. It utilizes advanced SOC technology to ensure high definition recording in each channel and exceptional system reliability.

The NVR is integrated with 4 PoE Plug & Play ports, allowing for easy IP camera connection. It also supports simultaneous 4 channel playback and 4K high definition display output. With Time-Slice Thumbnail and new Intelligence Analytics search capabilities, finding the footage you need takes seconds instead of hours.

For added convenience, the NVR offers instant event Push Notifications straight to your Smartphone. It is the perfect choice for meeting the demands of your security requirements. The latest H.265 encoding standard provides better quality recordings with less bitrate, making it more efficient and allowing for more footage to be stored on the HDD.

Other notable features include built-in PoE switch for faster and easier installation, IPC alarm support, 2-way audio, and iPhone and Android remote viewing with Push Notifications. For more information, refer to the Datasheet.

  • Latest H.265 encoding standard gives better quality recordings with less bitrate
  • More efficient encoding - get more footage on your HDD
  • Up to 10TB of storage capacity
  • Built-in PoE switch - making installation faster and easier
  • Time-Slice Thumbnail and Intelligence Analytic Search - find footage quickly
  • IPC alarm support
  • 2-Way audio
  • iPhone and Android remote viewing with Push Notifications